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As President and CEO of the InterMedia Group of Companies®, Bob directs twelve integrated business units centered around media, creative/production, marketing and entertainment. Each business unit operates independently, or in concert, depending on the range of services required by the agency’s clients. The InterMedia Group of Companies®, which today bill over $750 million annually, has been built on a blend of results-oriented direct response and brand response principles and general market resources and techniques.

Yallen was an All American Sprinter who still moves at a fast pace. He is an industry leader at integrating key direct response principles within major brand campaigns, which serve as basic cost-effective marketing strategies. Early on, Bob understood that specific direct marketing philosophies and practices could be adapted for major advertisers to deliver powerful, media-efficient brand messaging, in addition to driving product sales. Bob is also an Entertainment attorney with expertise in structuring Celebrity Brand Ambassador deals for marketers that are profitable for both parties.

Yallen also heads the business development effort for the agency, and is central to establishing strong relationships for InterMedia’s client and vendor/partner relationships.

Bob also races cars as part of InterMedia racing. When Bob’s son retired from professional baseball (White Sox and Reds Organizations) he turned to motorsports to try to capture the some of the loss of adrenaline and camaraderie from his son’s athletics. InterMedia Racing is the latest addition the InterMedia Group of Companies® – and is sponsored by many of the IMGC Client base.

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